Joanne O'Riordan keynote speaker

Joanne O’Riordan

Keynote Speaker

From Millstreet in County Cork, Joanne is only one of seven people in the world living with a rare physical disability known as Total Amelia. This means she was born without all four limbs and even though there is no medical explanation as to why this happened, Joanne or indeed her family has never allowed it to hold her back.
She has used technology to enhance her abilities in both her education and through the wider social environment. She has conquered enormous challenges at home, in school and around the local community. She first shot to fame when she confronted Enda Kenny on disability cuts forcing the government into a U-turn. She has addressed the United Nations and discussed technology with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Apple. She has been named Cork Person of the Month and Young Person of the Year at the People of the year awards.
Joanne has challenged the most advanced minds in the world to build her a robot that would become her hands and legs. The challenges she faces everyday get bigger and far greater to overcome. She is truly an inspiration to others. You can fully appreciate and understand her story through her own film, directed and produced by her brother Steven O’Riordan, No Limbs No Limits is described as a film “which explores Joanne’s personal relationships with her family and those she meets on a daily basis”.
Joanne adapted her life in such a way that it has given her both national and international acclaim. Joanne is now an example to all able bodied and disabled bodies to live very happy, independent, fulfilled lives.

No Limbs No Limits