Brígid Farrell

Brigid Farrell

Brigid Farrell, founder of AllTalk Training, works with companies who operate internationally or have a workforce comprising a multitude of languages, helping them to eradicate communication issues that arise due to differences in language and culture.  

Having spent several years abroad and immersing herself in the language and cultures of other countries, Brigid has observed countless instances of communication breakdown due to cultural misunderstandings. In addition to this, her work training businesspeople in the area of English as a Foreign Language has also afforded her extensive insight into the areas that most lead to miscommunications in the global business world. 

These experiences have led Brigid to identify a pressing need – the development of training interventions for those working with international teams and with clients and business partners from all over the world. This training expands upon and offers practical solutions to the question ‘What can we do, as native speakers of English, to ensure smooth communication?’ And what we can do is much more than one might think. 

Uncovering what can be done to improve cross-cultural interactions not only reduces instances of miscommunication and cultural misinterpretation, but also helps to drive global collaboration through stronger international business relationships.