Pitch Masterclass

with Catherine MoonanPitch Masterclass with Catherine Moonan at The Networking Summit

Following an interactive morning session on ‘Perfecting Your Pitch’, you will have an understanding of the elements that make a ‘perfect pitch’ and how to develop them with impact. You will have developed a pitch situation, answered questions about your audience and structured out the content for a 60 second pitch.

In this Masterclass you will take your 60 second pitch to the next level, have one-on-one input from Catherine Moonan and get the opportunity to practice your pitch.


Profiling One-on-One Masterclass

Profiling one on one Masterclass with Joseph McGuire at the Networking Summitwith Joseph McGuire

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said”Peter Drucker

Whether we realize it or not we communicate a vast amount of information about ourselves without speaking or moving a muscle, but simply by being physically present. Joseph’s morning presentation ‘Reading Your Clients – Key Visual Cues’ will illustrate those key cues to reading the personality, behaviour style and communication patterns of current or potential clients and employees for enhanced professional relationships. The masterclass will continue that work through interactive participation, ensuring you gain direct, practical real-world experience of the skills and information being presented. Clarity is a keynote of his approach in supporting you to absorb the material in the most effective manner.  Following this masterclass you will take away practical tips to use in real world encounters with clients and staff.


Networking Roadmap To Success

with Kingsley AikinsNetworking Roadmap to Success with Kingsley Aikins at the Networking SUmmit

Networking is really important, always has been, always will be but it is now more important than ever. However schools and colleges don’t teach it and companies don’t have strategies for it!  In his morning’s presentation ‘Networking, The Difference Maker'  - Kingsley Aikins sets out what networking is all about and, how and why you should become better at it. How to follow a precise process and the skills and behaviour changes needed to use networking to survive and thrive in a world where change has never been as fast as it is today but never will be as slow again.

In this Masterclass and through a series of interactive exercises you will be equipped with a precise methodology to build an effective network. This will be based on a series of concepts such as:-

  • the power of attention
  • the notion of social capital
  • how to create serendipity
  • the role of weak connections, trust and reputation, personal branding and
  • a unique 4 step process to assessing and segmenting your existing network.

How to Remember and Be Memorable

The Mind Coach Master Class with David Russel at the Networking Summitwith Dave Russell

Have you ever been introduced to someone only to immediately forget their name?

In this Masterclass Dave Russell, The Mind Coach and memory expert will teach you how to unleash your brains natural capacity for memory and apply it to the networking environment. Learn how to easily remember people’s names, occupations and where you met them so that you can easily recall them at a later date, improving trust, rapport and your personal brand.