Substance Over Superficial: Finding Your Inner A Lister

Shifting Perspectives – What Does Your Brand Say About You John Murray at the Networking Summitwith John Murray

How do your clients see you?

What If I told you there was a huge Gap between what you see of yourself, and what they see, and also another between what you see of yourself and you believe they see. It is time to close that Gap.

In this session I will provide live evidence showing how to bridge that Gap and ensure we always send the right message.

In A World Of Disruption How To Survive And Thrive Through Networking

In A World Of Disruption How To Survive And Thrive Through Networking with Kingsley Aikins at the Networking Summit

Just about everybody agrees that Networking is key for personal and professional progress but no school or college teaches this key ‘soft skill’ and companies don’t have strategies for it.

In this masterclass I will argue that Networking is now more important than ever and there is a clear way to do it. I will lay out a precise 4 step process and there is a greater chance of success if you follow this approach than if you don’t. It will be based on the somewhat radical belief that career progress depends only 10% on how well you do your job – other elements come in to play which will be explained in detail.

with Kingsley Aikins

How to Master LinkedIn for Personal Branding & Business Growth

with Sharon Tighe

LinkedIn is the No. 1 social media platform for professionals to connect, engage and grow their business and brand. Whether you work for a company or for yourself, LinkedIn is the best online space for networking & making professional connections that matter. It can be used as a tool to build & maintain your personal brand while also generating new leads & sales for your business. Whether starting out on the platform or improving what you already have, this masterclass will share 10 tips to give you & your company profile a distinct competitive advantage.

Cross Cultural Communication To Drive Global Collaboration

with Brigid FarrellCROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION TO DRIVE GLOBAL COLLABORATION with Brigid Farrell at the Networking SUmmit

Have you ever considered how much the way you communicate with international clients, colleagues and business partners impacts your global business success?

Brigid Farrell from AllTalk Training will take you through the barriers to clear communication in the international business context and show you what you can do to help overcome these barriers.
Based on her experience working in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, as well as working with professionals from all over the world every day, Brigid is eager to share her expertise in ensuring clear communication across language and culture.

The training Brigid has developed for native English speakers working in global business has proven to greatly reduce instances of miscommunication and cultural misinterpretation, saving both time and money, but also helping to drive global collaboration through stronger international business relationships.


Impact - Making it Matter

with Gillian Burrell

With every interaction there is an opportunity to make an impact. Despite our best intentions our interactions may not always have impact we intend. A conversation does not go as we had hoped or what you consider to be a clear and simple request isinterpreted differently. Now there is a disconnect which was not there before and a situation has been created that can be difficult to manage. Impact is a factor of a number of variables –many of which we may be unaware of and can be difficult to understand. In this Masterclass, Gillian will examine what influences the impact we have on others and how this impact has an effect on the development and growth of those we interact with. Drawing on her experience as a Golf Coach working with high performing golfers and athletes, Gillian will provide insight into becoming more aware of your impact and more skilled in making it matter.